Suck it

Suck. Kyle refused to get on the bus this afternoon…again. So I had to go get him…again. Which sucks cuz he wins, cuz he doesn’t have to ride home on the bus and I come pick him up. It reinforces the bad behavior. But there really isn’t any other way. He’s too big to physically get him on the bus. And he won’t get into anyone else’s car. So what do we do? Who wants him cuz I’m ready to give him away. Erika and I will meet on Friday…. again and brainstorm…again. Probably come up with a solid plan…again. Only to have him rip it to shreds….again. It’s not even April, not even autism awareness month but Kyle is sure giving me lots of content. Count your blessings today. Be grateful today that you aren’t me! Or Kyle-another day of no iPad. Ugh. #autismawarenessmonthS #fragilex #ineedastongdietcoke #extraice #andpossiblyakylenanny

One thought on “Suck it”

  1. Hats off to you..!! I have my son Jared who is 18 year old autistic..he is basically stuck as a 6-7 year old..he gives me challenges but not to the extent of yours you ever think to yourself is anybody even know what I’m going through.. should there not be a super fund to help parents with this I ever going to have a normal’s just crazy..I hope you can endure this life it’s caused me a divorce and relationships are completely unthinkable..but life goes on..


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