I am trying to establish stricter boundaries with Kyle. Which means translates to a whole lot of blood sweat and tears and mine and kyles part. He is losing access to the iPad now when he isn’t behaving. He understands completely but he is also stubborn as hell.

Erika was here today and within the first hour of her being here, he threw his shoes, a crayon and his cup. So away his iPad went. It was a long day.

After lots of follow through we made it to bed time. Erika walked down this evening and said, she forgot how stubborn he can be and how exhausting it is. I’ve never felt more validated.

I am exhausted. Following through with consequences with Kyle is pure torture. But I know if I want changes in the behavior I have to endure.

I am ready for this season of really super hard, that seems to be sticking around way too long, to finally end.

Cuz I am exhausted!

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