A lil kindness goes a long way

I was sent this picture by Janine today. It’s Kyle coloring with two girls from ASB. 😭 A few of the kids from ASB came in to hang out with the autism crew! Janine said he loved it and colored with them for a long time. He was so happy that Janine walked away and let him hang with the girls. 😀I don’t know these two young girls, but I wish I could let them know this mom’s heart is so full and is so appreciative of the kindness they showed her son today. What a gift. At their age, I certainly didn’t have the level of awareness nor did I have the compassion and kindness they are showing my boy. 😭 But I am so grateful these two girls do. #autismawareness #fragilex #bekind #compassion

One thought on “A lil kindness goes a long way”

  1. Oh my gosh! You should send this to the ASB advisor so the irl know how much it meant to him. Sounds like he had a little crush on them 😍


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